At Christensen Sampsel PLLC,  we bring powerful tools and momentum to meet your trial needs or to augment your or your firms’ legal offerings.

Our trial attorneys have real passion for trial experience with trial management at firms of all sizes. That enables them to serve as a seasoned extension of your trial team. Whether you need our services to develop trial themes, write effective cross examinations, or communicate complex ideas to a jury, our experience can help prepare your team for trial. 

We also provide co-counsel, local counsel, and appellate services to attorneys and law firms.  We work with fellow attorneys across the country in lead and support roles to litigate a wide variety of claims. Our expertise in these areas can enhance the services you provide your clients.

Whether you need a consultation, trial assistance, local counsel, co-counsel assistance, or an appellate attorney, contact us—we’ve been there. 


We can help you do the following:

Trial Consulting, Co-Counsel, Local Counsel, and Appeals Attorneys