Attorneys hire Christensen Law Office PLLC for ethics advice and to defend them in disciplinary proceedings that stem from an ethics complaint. But why would an attorney hire another attorney for ethics representation? Attorneys know the ethics rules, right? The simple answer is: because your reputation and integrity are on the line and you should not let emotions interfere with your professional judgment. That’s where we come in.

Christensen Law Office PLLC’s ethics attorneys provide lawyers with an objective voice to defend against ethics complaints. We understand the complexity of Minnesota’s lawyer discipline system. When your reputation and integrity are called into question it’s a good time to ask us for help.

“That sounds nice and all, but the allegations in the ethics complaint seem simple enough for me to respond to on my own.”

Great! Just be mindful of the scope of the investigation and the tenor of your response. It is not uncommon for “relatively straightforward” complaints to turn into more complex investigations when the Director’s Office starts asking for additional information from the attorney under investigation. We understand that process and can bring you peace of mind during the investigation.

“That’s great, but I cannot afford to pay another attorney to defend me, so now what?”

We are happy to discuss the fees associated with our representation in ethics cases. Every situation is unique and, while we ordinarily bill for our time on an hourly basis, there are instances where other fee arrangements make more sense for the both of us. It’s also important to remember that some malpractice insurers offer coverage as part of your existing policy for ethics cases and disciplinary defense. You should check with your carrier to see if your policy includes that coverage and what, if any, limits there are to that coverage.

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